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March 2014 News

ianwhiteAll the Nashville recording days are done!!
A day off today, then one more concert in Richmond Kentucky, then back to Nashville Sunday, then fly home Monday!! Another week of mixing etc in Gorbals Sound studio in Glasgow, design a front cover, and the album will be ready! Title is now definitely going to be Reach Across. The basic songs are still the ones listed below as live versions just with acoustic guitar from Alford, but the actual album transforms them… I’m thrilled with how it’s all sounding .. I have a 100 voice black gospel choir, and I think some of the best sounding instrumentation I’ve ever had….. The title track, Reach Across, I wrote here in Nashville just two weeks ago, and when I played it to one or two people, they instantly said ‘This has to be the title track!! One of these songs that just connects as soon as you hear it… COMING SOON!!